Always brings dessert

Once upon a time, there lived a Princess in a palace in the clouds known as Seattle.  She loved trying new foods, dreaming of the delicious morsels she tasted, and wanted to share her wisdom with the world.From the fancy finery of foie gras to the simple comforts of french fries, her favorite memories always invovled food.  Her earliest memory was the custard her mom made when she was a child, and to this day, some of her favorite dishes are made by her mom.  Many can attest to her mom’s talents as a home chef and the Princess decreed they should be celebrated.  And so they shall be.

When she traveled, she planned her intineraries around food excursions and always looked foward to trying flavor combinations she could not yet imagine.  When her friends and family spoke of food, her eyes lit up and she would occassionally drool (princesses are still human afterall) :P  They often poked fun of the copious amounts of time it took to take pictures while the food was getting cold.  Nevermind that the pictures often came out blurry and off-centered…  Even so, she wanted to share her memories with those who sought out her guidence and commemorate her favorite foods.

This is her food blog – Once Upon A Bite.

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