Great [Again] – Young American Alehouse

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This post is as much about food as it is politics, as fair warning. I’ve had a hard time processing the results of the 2016 election and writing is cathartic to me.

It was election night. Nutkin and She-Nutkin and I met for dinner so that I could regale them with my tales from New Orleans (beignets, music, and history!).  I wanted to check out Young American Alehouse since it was in their neighborhood, and it was Maria Hines’ re-imagining of Golden Beetle. They had just opened three weeks ago. Golden Beetle was my favorite Mediterranean restaurant in Seattle, so I was sad to see the change, but I assume they had good reason for the change. Maybe the locals weren’t interested in the unrecognizable spices or the fancy small plates among the growing population of craft breweries springing up all over the neighborhood?

We were halfway through our entrees when She-Nutkin checked her phone for the election results. All we saw was a sea of red. A little bit of math told us that Hilary had lost the White House.  It was as if we had all swallowed rancid milk (or in this case, a rancid Cheeto) in our stomachs. What was supposed to be a celebration of our first woman for President, quickly became a shot to the gut with an instant reaction to throw up. This wasn’t supposed to happen.  How could someone who spews racist, misogynistic, and bigoted comments be elected as a leader in a country that once was a haven with freedom of persecution from race, creed, and religion? What fear has torn this country asunder to turn to hate? Continue reading »

Come On In – Screen Door (Portland, OR)

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They say that Sunday brunch is an institution in Portland.  The proper way to brunch, according to locals, is to put your name on the waiting list, go home to eat a bowl of cereal or to a donut shop, and then come back about an hour later. In other words, be prepared to wait for a while, so grab your favorite friends/family and enjoy the company. In our Portlandia adventures, we chose the most popular brunch spot, Screen Door, for the experience.

We arrived at 10:30am, and as promised, the wait about about 1.5 hours and we were seated just past noon. We had a table of four, so we had the opportunity to share a few items. Otherwise, expect to take lots of food home.

Screen Door - chicken and waffles

Fried Chicken and Sweet Potato Waffles – a 6 oz. chicken breast that is still surprisingly juicy bursting with peppers and breading that isn’t too crispy; enjoy this classic combination of sweet and savory kicked up a notch with sublime sweet potato waffles to add more just a touch of sweetness without needing maple syrup. This is the mini-version; it usually comes with THREE chicken breasts for a total of 18 oz. of meat. It could be some of the best leftovers you’ve ever had.

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