Fusion Done Right – Miyabi’s on 45th

When it comes to Asian fusion, we have a pretty good choice of restaurants: Dahlia Lounge, Marination Station, Joule, and Stateside to name a few. However, the one I like most for dinner with my family is Miyabi’s. It’s mildly adventurous combinations and recognizable ingredients makes it the perfect place to branch out without hanging too far off the limb. You’ll still have your traditional sobas and sushi’s here, but you’ll also find shaved foie gras.  Foie gras tofu anyone?  Don’t question it too much – just enjoy the creativity and the mingling of flavors.

Miyabi's on 45 - agedashi tofu

agedashi tofu – with saffron and chanterelles, in a broth so good they provide you with a spoon

Miyabi's on 45th - uni shot

uni shot – sea urchin with quail egg.
Like an oyster shooter, except better. This dish is one that Miyabi’s is famous for, and you’ll want to do multiple rounds of these shots.

Miyabi's on 45th - octopus yaki

Octopus Yaki – Grilled octopus, duck fat potatoes, encapsulated mustard seeds, dashi, kimchi sauce. Only Japanese fusion would dare mix octopus with potatoes. Beware, duck fat potatoes are addicting, and you’ll start to look at takoyaki in a new light.

Miyabi's on 45 - sashimi

$30 Sashimi sampler – red snapper, tuna, mackerel, flounder; all extremely fresh. Did you know that Miyabi’s was originally known as a sushi bar when they opened their first restaurant in Southcenter?

Miyabi's on 45th - geoduck soba

geoduck soba – served cold with just a touch of crunch and cream sauce

Miyabi's on 45th - foie gras

foie gras – foie gras shavings with yuzu jelly and hazelnut brittle; this is fusion done right and it is amazing how the flecks of foie melt onto your tongue like snow and are balanced with the tanginess of yuzu and sweetness of brittle.

Miyabi's on 45th - grilled cod cheek

grilled cod cheek – just the way it’s supposed to be, fatty and slightly sweet

Miyabi's on 45th - matcha parfait

Maccha Parfait – green tea & vanilla ice cream, red bean paste, kanten, kuromitsu, mochi, kinako; as always, save room for dessert!

Miyabi's on 45 - amuse bouche

Miyabi – amuse bouche, geoduck cream with a dab of balsamic

Miyabi’s is a standby for me and my parents also liked it quite a bit.  Considering that there are plenty of combinations of Asian fusion that can go terribly wrong (tofu tapenade burritos or peking duck pizza), there is a synergy in mixing both Japanese and French cuisine. In these times where differences seem to lead to intolerance, think about how well duck fat potatoes melds with tako, as strange as it may sound initially.  It’ll change your perspective.

Their service is gracious, and though the seats are rather uncomfortable, you’ll find enough space to converse without having to yell over the table next to you. Dishes are small, so be prepared to order at least 8 for a family of 3 to try all the different items on menu.

Overall: happily ever after
Highlights: shave foie gras, duck fat potatoes, grilled cod
Footnotes: make reservations if you’re planning on going before 8pm, dishes arrive as they are ready and not in any particular order

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