A Guud Time – Guu Garlic (Vancouver, B.C)

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Sometimes you go to a restaurant because it’s your favorite place, and every time you’re in the area, you MUST go there, because it is AMAZING. Now if you have to drive over 180 miles to get there, do you go to the same place twice in a weekend, or do you take your chances on some place new that might become your next new favorite place? Kingyo in Vancouver is definitely a favorite, and The Daring Ronin and I did have to think long and hard about whether or not we wanted to have the invincible dan dan noodles again so soon with the taste still so fresh in our minds (one must savor the memory of the flavor!), but in the end, we opted to try something new: Guu Garlic Izakaya on the north end of Robson, not the original one on Thurlow, but their second shop in the downtown area.

Guu - pork belly in broth

pork belly in broth – with poached egg, daikon, and green onions. There’s nothing more satisfying then a lovingly braised pork belly full of fat and porky flavor mingling with a hint of sweetness, soaking up a pork broth. It’s like my mom’s spare rib broth, but with added sweetness and a glorious egg that added some creaminess to transform just plain broth to something more sophisticated. Add the mustard to cut the richness if you need it, but that’s what the green onions and daikon are for. This was one of my favorite dishes.

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