In My Belly – Beast (Portland)

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They call a new type of dining experience, sitting around a communal table in a tiny restaurant that seats only¬†24 people, served prix-fixe style, but really, it’s more like sitting down a table at home with family, except mom is a gourmet chef with a penchant for charcuterie and formage blanc. Welcome to the belly of Beast, where the dishes are playful and the service est compris (tip is included, European style). There are six dishes, with optional wine pairing, and it’s a journey from beginning to end.

Beast - scallop crudo

scallop crudo – with apple relish and dill and beet chips; this dish was perfectly balance for the delicateness of the scallop with the tang of the crispy apples and the crunchy earthiness of the beet chips; the beet chips surprised me the most, adding a subtle harmony to bring fruit and sea together. Even our resident non-sashimi eater enjoyed this dish and it was wonderfully executed.

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