Parisian Dreams – A Seattle Macaron Crawl

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Nofrodelius and I were at it again – two girls on a mission: 16 macarons from 4 different bakeries. This time we were going to finish all of the desserts, unlike our cupcake crawl. This time the bites were smaller, but no less colorful and bursting with fall flavors and Parisian charm. Ah Paris on a rainy Sunday, settled into the bar of a tiny buzzing coffee shop called Slate Coffee; je suis amoureuse!  We went to Lady Yum in Kirkland, Bakery Nouveau in Capital Hill, Belle Epicurean in Madison, and Honore Bakery in Ballard as they were relatively close in proximity to each other.

Lady Yum

They have the most inventive flavors and are generally my go to macaron shop. They had a pretty good shell with lots of chew and is still one of my favorite shops.
Tiger’s tail – originally a Twinkie with swirl of strawberry jam and coconut, so while this had no strawberry flavor, it looked the part and had the requisite coconut flakes that made it a fun treat
Toffee tent – the turquoise of the shell is the same color as the toffee brand, tasted as advertised with plenty of salt and toffee brickles; I mostly loved the color
bear claw – just the pastry, had an overwhelming flavor of almonds and the prettiest gold smudge on the rose shell that convinced me to choose it; fact – I don’t care for almond flavored desserts, but I also can’t pass up a beautiful macaron
raspberry lime – raspberry with lime sugar crystals, a nice sophisticated flavor that didn’t have much tartness to it

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