Mostly Sunny – Damn the Weather

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Kipnik and my friend from Japan wanted to place with good food and good drinks. Now, I don’t know much about drinks myself, but I do know good food and places they say are good for drinks. Damn The Weather, a craft cocktail bar in Pioneer Square fit the bill. So on a rainy Friday night, we found ourselves into a relatively small bar with golden light flooding the room. The chatter at a lively din, we had arrived just in time for happy hour.

Damn the Weather - Pimm's Cup

Pimm’s Cup – they’re known for their craft cocktails; I have no idea what makes a good cocktail, but my sister liked this one and it’s not as sweet as ones I’ve had in the past, more of a bite

damn the weather - pork sliders

pork sliders – flavorful, bite sized

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