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On a nice day, the Black Night and I dropped by Marination Ma Kai after a day at Lincoln Park as he liked the idea of kalibi beef in a taco form. It’s one of those Asian fusion concepts that you have to try in order to fully appreciate its brilliance. The patio was crowded on a sunny day, but be warned, the draft coming off the water makes it really cold. Bring a jacket if you think you want to sit in the sun or get a better view of the cityscape. This is after all, one of the most iconic views of Seattle, after Kerry Park.

marination ma kai - tacos, pulled pork slider

kalibi beef tacos – the original Asian fusion tacos, you can’t miss these! It’s a twist on the koren kalibi beef that you love delivered in a convenient taco.
pulled pork slider – a nice balance of savory, smoky, acidity, crunch tucked between two pillows of sweet rolls

marination ma kai - katsu burger

katsu burger – lots of crunch with a nice balance of their cabbage coleslaw

I’ve also been to Marination Ma Kai one dreary winter day with my sister after a jaunt to Bakery Nouveau. It was December – on the plus side, no line!  We both enjoyed ourselves thoroughly.

marination ma kai - fish & chips

fish & chips – they only serve this dish at this location, so it was a treat to try. Panko bread crumbs and miso tarter give this dish it’s fusion. The cod is fresh and the French fries are worthy of ordering.

marination ma kai - kim chi fried rice

kim chi fried rice – with kalibi beef and a fried egg; this is an explosion of strong flavors and the perfect starch to accompany your meal. It makes for great left overs the next day, but be weary of leaving it in your car for extended periods of time (prior experience). This is also one of their signature dishes that is a must try! Note, this is a little spicy and kim chi is an acquired taste (pickled fermented cabbage is not for the faint of heart)

They also serve Hawaiian shave ice, with the traditional azuki beans (sweet red beans) but are missing the condensed milk. If it ever gets warm enough in Seattle, this is definitely a delight. Marination’s food truck received national acclaim and started the entire food truck craze, and it’s easy to see why.  It’s a funky twist on a few favorites, wonderfully executed, and delicious!

Overall: happily ever after
Highlights: kalibi beef tacos, katsu burger, kim chi fried rice
Footnotes: a great place to take out of town guests and a nice stroll to Alkai beach; amazing view of Seattle from across the water; the first food truck; expect to wait in line, but you can also try ordering at the bar to skip the line; closed on Mondays

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