Let It Marinate – Marination Ma Kai

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On a nice day, the Black Night and I dropped by Marination Ma Kai after a day at Lincoln Park as he liked the idea of kalibi beef in a taco form. It’s one of those Asian fusion concepts that you have to try in order to fully appreciate its brilliance. The patio was crowded on a sunny day, but be warned, the draft coming off the water makes it really cold. Bring a jacket if you think you want to sit in the sun or get a better view of the cityscape. This is after all, one of the most iconic views of Seattle, after Kerry Park.

marination ma kai - tacos, pulled pork slider

kalibi beef tacos – the original Asian fusion tacos, you can’t miss these! It’s a twist on the koren kalibi beef that you love delivered in a convenient taco.
pulled pork slider – a nice balance of savory, smoky, acidity, crunch tucked between two pillows of sweet rolls

marination ma kai - katsu burger

katsu burger – lots of crunch with a nice balance of their cabbage coleslaw

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A Good Life – Hi Life

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When Mr. Lo returns from Washington D.C., we always celebrate his return with good food and good friends.  It’s a Good Life. We were going to go to Brimmer & Heeltap, but the restaurant was too small for a party of 9 and wasn’t child friendly, so Nutkin moved us to Hi Life not too much further down the street.

I’ve been there for their friend chicken Sunday dinner, which at $15, is an amazing deal and most certainly a must-try!  I had not been there for other entrees, and I enjoyed the atmosphere and thought it was great for children and large groups.  Their build your own cookie for children’s dessert was so much fun!  They provide cookie dough and sprinkles and let the kids get to work.  It is truly an edible work of art!

high life - burger


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Lebanese Breeze – Cafe Munir

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My mom likes Middle Eastern food because of all of its exotic flavors and spices, so when it came time to celebrate Mother’s Day (along with 3 other people’s birthdays) we went to Café Munir as we had heard great reviews about it.  It’s a nice family restaurant in a non-descript neighborhood and no sign above the store.  The sign is in the window.  We had 4 people at our table and our order was just the perfect amount of food.  The pastries are on the small side, but you’ll fill up on the hummus and baba ghanoush. The entrees are fairly generous.

cafe munir - lamb hummus

lamb hummus – they poured the sizzling lamb with au jus into the center of the hummus, giving it a rich flavor balanced by the pine nuts

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