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I had the great fortune of making a great friend at jury a few weeks ago.  She noticed that I had snagged myself a Salumi’s sandwich and we struck up a conversation.  It turns out – we both love food and working out;  we’re going to get along wonderfully.  I shall refer to her as Salumi since that’s how we met.  🙂  Since we had so much in common, especially food, we decided to go out for dinner together and try a restaurant on our wishlist.  Given that I’m a huge fan of Ethan Stowell and tapas, mkt seemed like the perfect choice.

It’s a tapas style restuarant serving farm to table new american that opened just three weeks ago.  I’ll go ahead and say it – everything was superb!  In my honest opinion, much better than Staple and Fancy and Olives and Anchovies (hazy in my memory).  We ordered the most interesting items on the menu

Squash fitters with pesto – these were a great bite size appetizer; slightly more sophisticated than fried ocra and without the slime

Crab salad with apple slaw – this was one of my favorite dishes mostly because it had CHUNKS of crab in it; the crab paired well with the vinegrette and fresh apples – a delighful combination that felt inventive and fresh

Lamb tongue with beets – flavorful, tender, combined well with the beets to mellow out the flavor of the dish, but I had a hard time keeping it on the crostinni that it was served with to blend the flavors all in a single bite.  Try the tongue by itself.

Fried quail – like fried chicken for gourmet foodies; this had such a crunchy but airy breading on it making it appropriate for some as delicate as quail.  The roasted plum sauce that was on the bottom didn’t seem to mesh with the dish, so we avoided it.

moraccan vegetable tagine – cumin, dates, carrots, apricots, potatos and onions with rosemary; vegetables are never something I write home about, but this was surprisingly good.  I loved the sweetness mixed with the hint of savory of the dates.

Both Salumi and I enjoyed dinner immensely and I’d definitely recommend it!  Still, I’d say that the best part of the night was the company.  I made a friend and I’m looking forward to our adventures together!  Thank you Salumi for noticing my sandwich and having the courage to comment on it.

Overall: happily ever after
Highlights: lamb tongue, fried quail, crab salad
Footnotes: very small restaurant with only 28 seats so make reservations, sit up at the kitchen bar if you get a chance to watch the action, it’s kind of noisy, the servers were all very knowledgable and attentive

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