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Always on the search for delicious new restaurants, the Black Knight and I, had reservations at Le Petit Cochon in Fremont for Friday night dinner.  Even at 7:45 we had to wait about 30 minutes before we were seated in the bar, but given that they had literally opened a week ago I expect those wait times will decrease.  The Black Knight says that if there’s a pris fixe menu, then we should order it because it will showcase the best of the restaurant.  Who am I to argue with that reasoning?  It was also the first night they were serving the pris fixe menus ($65), so there was some confusion around the wine pairing ($25) and timing of the dishes.

The rundown:
Scallop Ceviche – spicy and sophisticated

Pig Face Fritter – a square meatball that had been fried resting in a sumptuous leek soup with mushrooms; the cream of the leek soup made the dish elegant with the contrasting textures; I’m not sure why it’s called a pig face fritter – it didn’t look like one to me

PB F’in J – Seared foie gras with pistachio butter on challah toast with apple jam; *drool* – it needs no other explaination

Black cod seared with mushrooms, kale, and tomato jam – tender and flavorful; note, the Black Knight is not a fish person and he LIKED this fish

Apple sorbet with duck cracklins palate cleanser – let’s call this sophisticated apple sauce with duck bacon bits; inventive and so very appropriate for the season

Duckbreast with pickled cabbage and schnitzel – the gourmet take on Oktoberfest; they know how to cook duck

Creme fraiche ice cream with Madeline sponge cake – the drizzle of tarragon syrup elevated this dessert to amazing

Despite the hiccups, it was a delicious and inspired dinner. The dishes were inventive, but not in a way that made you question whether or not the flavors belonged together.  Make no mistake, this is some of the best fine dining in Seattle in a unpretentious atmosphere and we will be back and there will be pictures.

happily ever after
Highlights: foie gras, cod
Footnotes: the restaurant is small and noisy, so make reservations; they specialize in farm to table and snout to tail concepts; the pris fixe portions may leave some people hungry but it was the perfect amount for us

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