An Enchanted Evening – El Gaucho’s Seattle

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Once upon a time, a Black Knight, was tasked with finding a suitible restaurant for celebrating a birthday for a Princess. After much deliberation, he settled on El Gaucho’s, Seattle’s premiere steakhouse.  From the moment they entered, the evening was enchanted.  Live music floated through the night, the generous and attentive wait staff wished the Princess many more successful years.  To try the vaulted specialities of the restaurant, they both ordered the tasting menu.

The Princess loves truffles, so naturally, the Insane Truffle Soup was love at first taste.

soup - truffle soup

insane truffle soup – the gourmet version of mushroom soup, delicate and flavorful without overwhelming

Although not their signature tableside casear salad, they served an excellent and refreshing apple salad.

salad - apple salad

Apple salad – mixed greens, apples, vinegrette; a nice balance between bitter, sweet, acidic, and nutty

For the main entree, a sampler of steaks, plus lobster for an extra indugence.  The ingrediants in bernaise sauce remain a mystery…

entree - steak

Steak trio – sirloin, filet mignon with lobster and bernaise sauce, new york peppercorn steak; all very tender and delicious, though the peppercorns made the New York steak too spicey

The final touch on the evening, sumptuous dessert of chocolate ganche crowned with ice cream and drizzled with caramel.

dessert - chocolate ganache

chocolate ganache – decadent and rich

El Gaucho’s claims to indulge and they do not disappoint.  A wonderful celebration, an enchanted evening, fit for a princess.

Overall: happily ever after
Hightlights: filet mignon, sirloin, truffle soup
Footnotes: great cheesey garlic bread for munching, had a birthday card waiting for me on the table, also included a fruit/nut/cheese platter 

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